Alessandro sees the light in Milan in 1976

He moves his first steps in fashion in quality of cult searcher and since 2000 he works as a stylist in the field of design, interiors and architecture.

In his images, he always tries keeping to the off-the beaten track, he regulary produces editorials for interior design magazine and he also stages sets for advertising and catalogues.

He is registered as a journalist in Milan, where he lives.


Collaborating Photographers:

Beppe Brancato
Adriano Brusaferri
Michel Bousquet
Enrico Conti
Davide Lovatti

Andrea Martiradonna
Francesca Moscheni
Bianca Puleo
Giuliano Radici
Max Rommel
Omar Sartor
Tiziano Sartorio

Danilo Scarpati
Alvise Silenzi
Paolo Spinazze’
Claudio Tajoli
Max Zambelli